Tale of Exile Act I - English Version


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Tale of Exile Act I - English Version

Postautor: LasTTurN » 26 lis 2009, 18:19

I’d like to introduce the Tale of Exile project created by me. I assume the project will cover about 3 to 4 acts with 3 to 4 episodes each. As of today, Act 1 is available in Polish and English language versions. Act 2 is currently being created. The entire ToE project has been developed for a few years, undergoing numerous changes in graphics, sound, script and even the plot. The current version of the game is nothing like the initial one, having only the same title. Those of you who are interested in the history of the project may look it up on the game website in the section “About the game”.
You will find detailed info, screens, game and resource download on the following website:

However, let me give you some of the details right here.
CBS – Tactical / turn-based. Reasonable opponent AI, their boosted stats however will not make it easy for the player to win. There is a number of options and many factors influencing attack strength, chances of a successful hit and counter strikes.
CMS – Picture-based. Each item has its own graphics and detailed description. Many stats and options.

Individual experience-raising system. Experience Points (EP) are gained through battles and missions. The points increase the character’s Lv, Hp, Mp according to his or her predispositions which were chosen at the beginning (1-10 points – physical/mental strength). Additionally, there are Skill Points (SkP) to be gained and distributed to the properties chosen by you. The character can learn new skills from Masters… I’m also thinking of introducing different professions.

Weapon upgrade and weapon Lv increase – the character can upgrade weapons at Blacksmiths, whom they have to pay and deliver specific minerals (M)

Map – that’s rather obvious…

You can download the game from two sites the official game website site http://toe.tsukuru.pl/?lang=eng and http://rpgmaker.net/games/1499/
NOTE - in order to download the English version, you must enter the English version of Tale of Exile website.
I am counting on your opinions. ;)


Obrazek Obrazek

Obrazek Obrazek

Obrazek Obrazek

Obrazek Obrazek

My regards

PS. Gra w wersji angielskiej pojawiła się już jakiś czas temu, z mojego zapominalstwa i nadmiaru obowiązków wniknęło to opóźnienie. Wybaczta.

PS2. Specjalne podziękowania dla Mantisa, który odwalił kawał dobrej roboty tłumacząc ToE oraz dla Jazza za szybkie i sprawne przebudowanie strony. I owe You one ;)

PS3. Temat gry został założony na następujących forach / portalach:
http://www.rpgrevolution.com/game/tale- ... _1257.html
http://www.hbgames.org/forums/viewtopic ... 03#p684003
http://www.multimediaxis.de/showthread. ... ost2437850
http://www.gamingw.net/forums/index.php ... 03.new#new
http://www.charas-project.net/forum/ind ... ic=26180.0
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